Fitbit Alta Review! This is Fitbit’s latest activity tracker and sleep tracker. This has a huge emphasis on build quality, style, design, and just being a solid fitness tracker. Do I think it is the best fitness tracker 2017 or best activity tracker 2017? That’s a hard call. Obviously it’s a person-by-person decision, but it at least has to be in the running. I have done many fitbit reviews and activity trackers reviews and I feel confident in saying that I really like this device, but I do not love it. I wish there was a button and I wish the fitness features were more prominent. No stay tuned because I will be doing a fitbit alta vs. blaze and fitbit alta vs. charge hr video in the future. Hopefully very soon!!

Fitbit Mobile App Review:

Fitbit Blaze Review:

Fitbit Charge 2 Review:

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  1. Hey, I have the Charge 2 and think it’s an amazing tracker ! I use it with my iPhone and wanted to sync all Fitbit data to Apple Health App. I am an iOS developer so i decided to develop HealthBit App.
    If you want to sync your data, don’t hesitate to test it and send me your feedbacks !

  2. And…the band?? The part of the band that is lagging behind is on the inner side dude. It won't hang down your wrist and shave your perfect arm hair. Seriously, this review sucks.. Riz doesn't know shit!!

  3. Riz doesn't know. Email?? seriously?? You want an apple watch, go buy one. We need elegance not a fucking smart phone on your wrist. Again if you want that go buy an apple watch. The display should only have stuff related to fitness, cluttering useless stuff would make it a smartphone. You want a keyboard on the band as well?? It is pretty cool. People won't even use it when your average smart watch will start having all the features that this device has at the moment. Riz doesn't know…

  4. Just bought my alta today and this is the first video I came to to learn more about it. I liked the style of the alta better than any of the others which is what made up my mind. Looking forward to working with this device and tracking my active lifestyle.


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