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Fitbit Blaze vs Surge & Fitbit Blaze vs Charge HR. In this video I discuss the various advantages with each device and why you would choose the Blaze over the Surge and Blaze over Charge HR and visa versa. I have done individual reviews of these products (links below) and you can consult those to learn more if you want. Definitely these three are on the best activity tracker 2017 / best fitness tracker 2017 list. This has been one of the most demanded videos I have had in a while. Definitely if you’re looking between Fitbit Blaze vs. Fitbit Charge HR I think you’ll actually end up with the Blaze. I kind of think the same will be true with the Surge. It’s actually well positioned in terms of features. I’m starting to hear interest in a Garmin vivoactive HR vs. Fitbit Blaze video. Let me know if you want that also. I do a lot of fitbit reviews so I don’t see any reason why I can’t post something for a Garmin v Fitbit.

Fitbit Blaze Review:

Fitbit Charge HR Review:

Fitbit Surge Review:

Fitbit Mobile App Review:

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  1. Damn Man! Huge reason im hesitant on purchising the Fitbit Blaze is because of its connective Gps compatability. If it came built in without a doubt I would purchase one. Running with my phone becomes a nuisance even during cross country runs with the team. Although great video!

  2. I have 2 Surges and this guy has the wrong idea about fitness trackers entirely; only kids buy such things for looks. These trackers are meant for reliability and the Surge simply trumps the Blaze in all aspects:

    – Durability
    – Constant independent GPS tracking
    – To-the-point readability and notifications

    No need for changing bands for work, as the Charge is already most common in any office and the Surge is literally (and somewhat oddly) considered a status symbol, off the price alone.

    People, if you're looking for a fitness tracker, don't base it on "colorful" displays and pretty watch bands. Buy it because it just works, not because it can "replace your watch". They're not meant to be watches and any sensible person already knows this. #SurgeOn

  3. CAUTION TO BUYERS: Fitbit Surge wristbands are know to be defective.  The band is not replaceable and will start to break around the screws on the back side.  If you are at all past your warranty Fitbit will only give you 25% off a new purchase.  The problem is that the replacement one will also fail in time as the material used for the band is defective.
    Please message Fitbit if you have a broke Surge and tell them to make this right.

  4. all i want (need) is a continuous hr display during running. i have been unable to get my polar ft4 to remain in constant hr display mode. (I use my phone for gps-mileage). would the Charge HR work for me? i don't want any other features, just constant HR display during runs i don't mind a chest strap but think it would be nice to have an all in one unit. thanks!

  5. i really like my charge HR but I've already had it replaced because it came apart. Now having the same issue after hust a few months…. i might just have to switch to a different type of fitbit. Has anyone had the same problem with any other fitbit?


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