Fitbit Charge 2 Review vs Apple Watch. This is my review and comparison of the fitbit charge 2 and the apple watch. I show you guys how I unbox my fitbit charge 2 and then I breakdown how it compares to the apple watch. I also provide recommendations on which one I believe is the best. Specifically, how the apps associated with these watches make or break the product.

The fitbit charge 2 and apple watch are activity and sleep trackers with all-day heart rate monitoring. They also has a few smart features.

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  1. You mentioned you use FitnessPal to track you're food..
    With Fitbit you can let it share the info from FitnessPall with the Fitbit App.

    So you can have the info into the Fitbit app..

  2. I own both the Apple Watch Series 2 and the Fitbit charge HR 2. If you're a fitness fanatic, Fitbit is definitely the way to go. It's hands down on a different level compared to the Apple Watch in terms of fitness monitoring. It tracks much more information and is much more intuitive to use. The Apple Watch makes me feel very limited as to what I can do when I use it for fitness. But if you're not into fitness at all and just want a watch for its aesthetics, then the Apple Watch wins (although the Charge HR 2 looks pretty nice too imo).

  3. The thing that sucks about the fitbit is they are like cellphones. Obsolete in 6 months when they come out with a new "better version." Can't you just get an app on your phone to see how many steps you take in a day? Is knowing your heart rate worth the price of this fitbit? Do you really need to know how much sleep you get to the last detail? I don't see why people rave about them like they are the best thing in the fitness industry since the barbell was invented.


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