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Fitbit Charge 2 Review. This is a Smart Fitness Band with a number of features that I think you will like. This is an activity and sleep tracker with all-day heart rate monitoring and some smart features. Essentially, the Fitbit Charge2 is an update to the Fitbit ChargeHR which was the most popular fitness tracker of the last few years. What’s new with the Fitbit Charge 2?

_New design with larger, more crisp display
_Calls, txt, calendar alerts (Charge HR was just calls)
_Guided breathing sessions
_Connect GPS just like the Fitbit Blaze
_Interchangeable bands

I think the big question will be Fitbit Charge 2 vs. Fitbit Blaze and Fitbit Charge 2 vs. Fitbit Charge HR. I will be doing those videos as well. The Fit bit Charge 2 will be the best fitness tracker 2017 / best activity tracker 2017 that’s my prediction although I’m looking forward to my Fitbit Flex 2 review as well. I have done many fitbit reviews and activity tracker reviews, but I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while since the Charge 2 was basically a full year behind pace with what I was hoping.

Fitbit Blaze Review

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  1. Just won this at work, it was this or the flip 3, and I have the Bose mini sound link2 so I went with the fit bit. mainly because I've had 2 open heart surgeries and also because I love the gym. But it's not as accurate when it comes to the heart monitoring as the other features? Awesome vid

  2. Looked everywhere online maybe someone will know. My Fitbit Charge 2 wont update. It show an exclamation point during update then says there is an error. Just purchased this item

  3. I use it as a daily device, l was given it as a Christmas gift, I synced the iOS app on my iPad easily, but the Android app would not sync at first, then it randomly synced a day later. I like the challenge freinds, so far I'm crushing the opposition.

  4. I like ur video but still don't kn what i want but don't want 2 waste my money I walk 2 work so that's what I want it 4 plus when it is warm out I ride my bike in ur videos I've seen it seems like u like the blaze and the charge 2 so wich 1 should I get

  5. Rizknows, I have a huge question! I'm a runner, and enjoy swimming with friends, I bike and lift weights often But mainly a runner. Ive been having this concern for awhile on what FitBit product to purchase (I'm new to the FitBit Products). At first I was totaly into buying the Blaze but pulled away from the idea and started looking into the Charge 2. I wanted to ask what FitBit product do you recommend for me? Hope to hear back soon, Thank you very much!

  6. Mine fucking sucks going back to the store today.
    When I was a kid they had step counters that worked & there was no battery.
    If you don't know your hearts beating fast it probably isn't LOL
    I was fooled, hopefully you reading this won't be.

  7. I just got one. My concern is how loose it fits on my wrist. I know it's not supposed to be worn tight, but it seems that it should be a little more snug the mine. It moves around so much and when I look the videos it does not seem to do that with yours or every one one I've seen. Can you buy bands with a couple of more notches?

  8. Your mom will use it once and throw it in the sock drawer with the pedometer you gave her. Nobody needs this and the stress it causes negates any health benefits. Do you people have to quantify everything? Metrics for everything? God help you.

  9. Thanks for a good and informative review 🙂 Is it straight forward to start a GPS running activity? Can you do that simply from the watch, or do you have to take up your smartphone and start the activity from the Fitbit app?

  10. Just bought the Charge 2. I'm liking it already. It's an upgrade from the One that I've been carrying for 2.5 years. I'm still carrying the One to calibrate the Charge 2. Stay tuned for a review.


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