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Fitbit Surge review #2. I have done many fitbit reviews, but the company is constantly making upgrades so I have to go back and revisit their products. I’ve done a Fitbit Charge HR review ( and many other activity tracker reviews and gps watch reviews. Stay tuned for updated reviews on those.

With the Surge GPS watch, I’m much happier this go around. The whole waterproof thing is still weird, but I have not had any issues here. The watch is like the best gps watch 2017 for active people that really truly value simplicity–they just want the device to get out of their way and track their workout endeavors. The Surge has GPS and therefore will track your running, cycling, walking, and hiking workouts. It also is an activity & sleep tracker, monitoring your 24×7 steps, calories burned, distance, floors climbed, and sleep. It has daily alarms and relays your phone calls and txt messages.

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  1. Hey I have a question for you. I have a Surge and I notice my calories burned number seems a little high on most days when compared to my Flex or one. For instance, I get like 4000 calories a day even if I don't do an intense workout. Thats just getting in around 10K steps a day with some active minutes. I am somewhat overweight so maybe that factors in. Do these numbers seem accurate to you?

  2. May I thank you for all of your videos. I have spent 2 days reading about fitness trackers and watches–reviews, specs, etc etc. It got to a point where I need to chart my findings for comparison. I understand that I just won't be able to get the few basic things I wanted–splash resistant, comfort, reminder to move, heart rate, steps and miles. Nothing comes with all of that. I watched all of your videos and wish I found them before, You are so clear and concise. You say what we need to know. Most often I go to reviews and the first 1/3 of the video is the person talking about themselves or personal subjective opinions. I think they like to hear their own voices. You cut right to the chase. You offer facts right away and helpful things to know like the info on the charging cable. Keep doing what you do. Thank you for saving us time and being so informative especially to us non-tech people.


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