Per Fitbit, the SURGE is rated at 5ATM for water resistance. Looking at the ATM guidelines, it should be able to do swimming, but Fitbit states otherwise for their device. Here’s the Surge Manual. http://help.fitbit.com/resource/manual_surge_en_US



Fitbit Surge
Fitbit Surge Review
Fitbit Charge HR




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  1. thanks for the reviews Jim, always a help in choosing the right product to purchase.Question, what fitness band would you recommend for weight lifting and cardio? preferably with a heart rate sensor.

  2. CAUTION TO BUYERS: Fitbit Surge wristbands are know to be defective.  The band is not replaceable and will start to break around the screws on the back side.  If you are at all past your warranty Fitbit will only give you 25% off a new purchase.  The problem is that the replacement one will also fail in time as the material used for the band is defective.
    Please message Fitbit if you have a broke Surge and tell them to make this right.

  3. Hey Jim, that was very helpful, one thing I wondered about was in changing music tracks whilst working out? I use Google Play Music and wondered if it was possible to change tracks/pause etc between the app and this fitbit? thanks

  4. Thanks for the video. 1 question though, does it vibrate also when you get a text message. This is possibly a deal breaker for me and I might have to spring for the iwatch… i-ouch, lol.

  5. For $220 that screens image is crap. I like grayscale screens (ez on the eyes and good for night time) but again, that screen should have more pixels per inch.

  6. Hi Jims !

    Thank you for your review. I have a question for you.
    What's your app version ? I didn't see the vibration alarm mode.
    I wanna try to build an app that vibrates when we're falling sleeping. I think it will be able with Fitbit SKD.

    Thank you

  7. Bought a new fit bit surge yesterday. After 4 hours and 3 fit bit techs it was determined the product had a bad tracker. Back to the store today. At first I was going to replace it then I decided just to return it for a refund and move on. The amount of time spent attempting to get it to work was very disappointing.

  8. I had a huge laugh today, while wearing my Fitbit Surge…
    Every time I changed gears in my car, as I was driving, it counted it as steps!
    Hilarious and disappointing.
    Yes, the device was on the wrist of the hand changing gears, but seriously, they hadn't thought of that before?


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