Hey everyone. This is an unboxing and complete setup of the brand new Fitbit Charge HR 2.





  1. Hi! Nice video by the way. You connected it with your phone, but do I have to do this? Or is it also possible to use my watch after installing without this whole information sending to my phone?

  2. Very hard time choosing between FITBIT CHARGE 2 and the GARMIN VIVOSMART HR+. Both are fabulous, bur FITBIT will live on my wrist though, as it feels less masculine and this non-jogger will always have her cell too for ocassional gps needs – oh, and im not swimming with it!

  3. Hey, I have the Charge 2 and think it’s an amazing tracker ! I use it with my iPhone and wanted to sync all Fitbit data to Apple Health App. I am an iOS developer so i decided to develop HealthBit App. http://apple.co/2hykDRw
    If you want to sync your data, don’t hesitate to test it and send me your feedbacks !

  4. Hi i am having a problem it was given to my son aged 11 it says his not eligible to have an account soooooooo that raises the issue of using my name my datge of birth ?? and his weight very confusing and I have to adjust it ?? could you assist at all with this issue or do you have any suggestions ?? a little confused thank you

  5. I like your review. You say you also have a Blaze. Which one do you prefer and why? I'm in the race for an activity tracker. I know it's gonna be a Fitbit, but can't choose between the Charge 2 and the Blaze.

  6. I've set up and synced my new Charge 2 with my laptop ('cause I keep them around a whole lot longer than I do my phones; I also find them easier to work with), but I thought the fitbit had an internal GPS.  NOw that I realize it doesn't, can I also sync it with my phone, in order to track distance?  Or is that going to be confusing for the technology?

  7. Got mine today. Thank you for this video. Very helpful! Do you have a video on connecting to PC? I bring up app on computer, but it only flashes on briefly and goes away. I had 2 previous Fitbits on my profile which I was somehow able to delete, but app doesn't stay open long enough for me to add my Charge 2.


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