Fitbit now sells more than half a dozen different Fitbit models, ranging from inexpensive clip-on trackers to more GPS workout watches. Which one should you get — assuming you should even get a Fitbit?


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  1. I thought she was going to say not to get a Fitbit because Fitbit might release a better smart activity tracker soon as the market gets more competitive with the activity tracker + smartwatch industry… Close enough I guess. I think it might be best to wait and see if there would be "the one" smartwatch for you… Also, recently found out that Fitbit acquired Pebble… Hoping for better products from them!

  2. i need something i can wear all day that shows time and tells me how manny calories i burn i work out at 5 am for 1 hr doing martial arts or cardio then at 7 weight lifting i need to burn more than 2000 calories a day whats something i can use? also i perfer the slim look like the fit bit charge hr and if it can hold music that would be cool but not needed.. please help i really want to track my calories

  3. charge 2 worked for me. The price is just right and it does the basics: Heart Rate, steps, calories, distance and notifications. There are third party apps to send all notifications to it. Has been working great for me.


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