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Polar A360

Fitbit Blaze

Microsoft Band 2

Garmin Vivosmart HR+

Garmin Vivoactive HR

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  1. Well done for including the MS band 2 in this, definitely deserves it. Sadly they discontinued it so I cannot get a replacement now my band 2 isn't charging anymore

  2. Sorry, but you didn't do much of a comparison. You just said the features of all of the smart watches and went briefly into detail about the accuracy. Which by the way, I have a Fitbit blaze and it is fairly accurate with the HR when running, but not at all accurate with weightlifting and other sports.

  3. Ironic or unfortunate for the time of this posting but the Mi Band seems to be discontinued as it has been completely pulled from their site. I found out as I called in to get my 3rd band replaced in a year. The batter just stopped: went to zero charge, would not take a charge. Two of my friends had the same problem and jumped ship. I guess that is why it has seemly stopped. I Love the functions, especially the sleep, but support is terrible and 3 breaks in a year is too much. I will move to Blaze.

  4. Finally, I real comparison of general use fitness trackers. Tired of everyone comparing the blaze to the Apple watch or other smartwatches. I already use an iPhone. Don't need a camera on my watch when I have a far superior camera in my pocket. Don't need to send text messages from my watch or make calls (seriously, how stupid is that). Also, I don't want to have to remember to charge my watch every night. For me, general smartwatches are a solution in search for a problem. The FitBit Blaze (which I just bought) has all of the features any reasonable person could need. I'm waiting for Apples next big innovative product. Maybe it will be a smart toe ring, or a hat with a keyboard…blah….

  5. Really like the Actofit, I can't wait till it ships out in Jan 2017

    Auto exercise identification and auto session logs
    Set & Rep Counts
    Form Evaluation
    Continuous & Real Time Heart Rate
    Auto Sport Identification
    Run, Calories, Distance, Step tracking
    Exercise Specific calorie burn
    NFC Entry / Exit & Payments
    Notifications (Text & Call)
    Smart-Auto Alarm
    Robust sleep analysis & tracking
    Idle Alerts
    Calendar Reminders

  6. Can you look at and review the Amazfit Pace? Looking for a replacement for my Pebble Time Steel.

    What do you think of ifit wearables? Love my ifit enabled treadmill, considering an ifit wearable to match.

  7. I'm shortlisting about half a dozen fitness trackers to replace my Pebble. In terms of battery life and charging speed, which of these do you think is the best performing? I like to track sleep so don't charge at night but neither do I want something that's going to take two hours to charge when it should be tracking my movements. Thanks.

  8. Is there any way we can use multiple fitness trackers and watches and able to combine into one app? I have Fenix 3 HR and I am interested to have variety. Bring to wear the same device everyday. If I were to purchase Samsung Gear S3…How can I combine fitness data such as steps, HR and sleep.

  9. I'm looking into purchasing a fitness tracker. I mainly do weightlifting, and work as a ramp agent for an airline. Which do you think will be the best tracker for me? I'm considering getting the polar a360 or garmin vivo hr+. i also want to know the battery life for both. thank you!

  10. @Techy Agent pls i just need a tracker that tracks activity through day and my gym session I only do weights! and cross fit. I don't care about notifications, gps and I am not a Runner!

  11. How the hell did you use your Microsoft band 2 for 6 months. My would only last 2 to 3 months before the band cracked or would stop charge. I have sent this band back 3 to 4 times each time they did repair it or send me another one durability sucks before realizing how bad the durability was I had bought my daughter and my son one there's also broke. I just brought a Garmin Vivoactive HR.
    I will never buy another Microsoft Band

  12. my last two fitbits broke ;( the other issue is was that fitbit never tracked my spinning accurately. I do really like their app however. I'm now really thinking about getting the Gamin. Questions, dose it track sleep? Do i really have to get a separate chest strap for HR? Will it pair with the gym equipment? Thanks and your video was great

  13. I'm going to be honest, I've been looking for a fitness watch for months now and could not find a good price for a fitness watch that does what I need. I was interested in the fitbit charge 2, but I really needed something that was waterproof and had a lot of options. I appreciate the fact that this video gives me multiple options and actually stopped my long search! (: Another subscriber earned dude!

  14. Looking to get one for my wife for Xmas. She has narrowed it down to the VivoActive, and the VivoSmart HR+

    I think the VivoActive is better with more bells and whistles that she may use down the road. She is kind of leaning towards the HR+.

    Just happens that the local Best Buy has the VivoActive on a Black Friday sale for sub $200.

    What would you suggest?


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