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Fitbit Charge HR review #2. I have done many fitbit reviews, but the company is constantly making upgrades so I have to go back and revisit their products. I’ve done a Fit bit Charge HR review previously ( as well as a Fitbit Surge review ( and many other activity tracker reviews and gps watch reviews. Stay tuned for updated reviews on those.

With the Fitbit ChargeHR activity tracker you’re getting all-day heart rate readings as well as a log of your 24×7 steps, calories burned, distance traveled, floors climbed, activity minutes, and sleep. Even more, this fit bit relays phone calls so you can see who is calling you whenever your phone is within bluetooth range. It records your workouts as well. This is the most popular fitness tracker out there at the moment and no doubt is the best activity tracker / best fitness tracker 2017 for a lot of people — people that value simplicity, style, practicality, etc. That’s where it really excels.

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  1. Do you think you could re-review the Fitbit Blaze? It just got a new firmware update a little bit ago, and not many people have covered it, so I would love to see it. Thanks!

  2. Purchased the Charge HR when it initially released. Stopped syncing within a month, and they sent replacement. Within 6 months the replacement broke and no longer allowed it to charge, and they sent another. 3rd one just broke last week after 9 months(same issue as before). Fitbit will no longer replace it, but offered a 25% coupon for new purchase. Given the lack of durability and warranty issues, I am no longer considering anymore Fitbit products, which sucks, because they all look so much better than the other trackers. I am not sure what to do.

  3. hi, can you do the new one. Fitbit Charge 2 review. I am really confused which one to buy, this one or the new one. Assuming HR, this one should work for circuit training, but the new one comes with screen but I am confused whether it tracks your heart rate or not.

  4. Hi Jeff, I think it is time for a third update on this. This device is falling apart for most of the user that wear it for more than 4 months. I'm on my third one in one year and warranty is soon up.
    There have been many many complains

    To whoever is watching this video. Don't buy this product. You will not be an exception. Your Fitbit will fall apart.

  5. Do I have to activate a workout or can I just let it do its own thing? For example, I go to the gym, hit squats and then some HIIT stationary bike. Should I activate the workout before I start, or ignore it completely and just let it run? (Sorry if that's confusing)

  6. Thanks Jeff, very informative review am ''beginner runner'' and very interested with HR monitor. Now does one have to run with the phone to record/upload my HR, or will it do so after a back?

  7. I've been using this device for the last 2 months. Fitbit HR is fairly accurate for heart rate monitoring and counting steps. However, not as consistent as my heart rate chest belt. My Android phone is equally good at step counting and distance measurement. Fitbit is not good at sleep monitoring. The rubber strap slightly reacts with my skint. Be careful about how you wear it. It is good for motivating people to exercise. Don't expect too much accuracy. I give it a score of 7 out of 10 points. Good luck.

  8. Curious though, there are several complaints and at least one major lawsuit about the accuracy of their heartrate monitors. Main thing I never see people do since it's not a popular way to wear a watch, but are they just as accurate when reversed? IE: Wearing the face of it on your inner wrist instead of the exterior.


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