My take on the fitbit charge hr! I hope y’all find this video helpful if you are interested in purchasing a fitbit. This video is not sponsored. 🙂 ♥︎ Be sure to SUBSCRIBE!

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  1. Hey Dee, I have a fitbit charge and love it as well. I got a bit paranoid when I got pregnant though, I freak out over everything lol. If you got pregnant would you keep using yours. I really want to start using mine again,

  2. I never let it just pick up my activity. I always hold down the button before I workout and it tracks everything for that workout and it is in the exercise section on the app. You'll probably like it a lot more if you did that rather than letting it just pick it up. It only recognizes yoir activity after several minutes and after your heart rate gets high enougj, that is why I always hold down the button so it tracks it from the time I start. and then when you're done, hold it down again and it stops tracking that exercise.

  3. love it this is my FAVORITE vid by far. Please do more reviews I am starting a new weight loss journey ( for the 100th time) and would love to know what works. Keep up the good work… you're so inspiring!

  4. If you want a more accurate reading while weight training you should probably upgrade to the new FitBit Blaze or Surge. They are suppose to be for more intense training where as the Charge is for more normal, everyday activities that you can do at home or work like walking and climbing stairs. Also, I wanted to ask, do you still do any at home workout videos like P90X, Insanity, or Zumba? If so I would like to hear your opinion on them.

  5. hey Dee! if you want your fitbit to log when you are active during weight training, press and hold the side button on the tracker right before you start, then press and hold it again when you end. sometimes the tracker won't automatically pick up the weight training like it would running or jogging, but by pressing and holding the button, it forces the tracker to become more sensitive to the activity you are doing.


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