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Fitness wearables, trackers, watches, and bands. They are everywhere! So how do you use a fitness tracker to lose weight? Is there a method to the madness? WHO WILL SAVE US FROM THIS TECHNOLOGICAL NIGHTMARE?!?!

Never fear, the Techy Agent is here to explain a little bit of science and info on how you can see results in just a week or two.

Let’s talk about it!



  1. What do you think about Loop in terms of kcals burned – it gives more or less accurate amount of kcals burned or it counts it higher/lower than you actually are burning ?

  2. I really dont know which one to get. I have watched most of your videos now and i am at a loss and wish for your assistance. I am just now starting to workout and i am currently using myfitnesspal to track my diet. I do alot of cardio and some lifting, nothing major just the typical little weight lots of reps. I want something that is accurate, comfortable and i would like it to track my sleep. For what i am doing though i just dont know what features are important. I am a little chunky, want to lose weight but at the same time get tone. Any help is appreciated.

  3. Hey Man, your reviews are very helpful. I've just started physical activity and was thinking about acquiring a fitness tracker with HR monitoring so I'd able to track my progress and keep myself motivated through it. I had the Fitbit Charge HR at the top of my list, but I ended up giving up on acquiring that or any model currently available  since most of them seem to compromise on the accuracy, which I consider to be the most important aspect. So right now I am seriously considering just acquiring a Polar H6 or H7 and calling it a day, as it would give me a more accurate picture of my calorie burning and exercise effectiveness during my training with no accuracy compromise. Do you think that would be a good option?

    Thanks for the videos and cheers!

  4. When is the Garmin VEVOactive coming out, it really seems to meet my needs, but the thing is, it says it will take 2 months to ship, don't really want to wait, which one do you use?


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