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Review of the Chinese ‘ID107’ Bracelet. Cheapest possible bracelet that is actually really really good for the price!
Works on both Apple and Android software (or so the chinesenglish instructions tell me)…



  1. awesome video made me subscribe!
    How can you tell when it's done charging? it''s there a light that turns on?

    P.S: Just got it for Xmas and it's being charging for almost an hour and no lights yet.
    Merry Xmas

  2. Great video. This is my first video of yours and I'm definitely subscribing, just a quick question, does it still work after so many months? I'm currently on my phone so I can't see any annotations and what not on the video. Anyways thanks for the great review mate. Cheers from Malaysia

  3. by the way awake sleep is
    translated into the german langue , awake time
    should be the time you are awake during your sleeping time
    going to the bathroom , plunderring the fridge or worrying about some issues
    regards Günter

  4. Hello Stuart
    i hope you are fine
    after i press the side botton for 2 seconds a different mode , sportsmode is starting
    that is it displays 000000 in the first line
    and in the seconds ———
    but the stop watch is not running
    if i press the sensor it only shows different options but all have ———- in the sescond line
    if i hold the botton for 2 second again , i am out in the normal mode
    my question is how to start the timer , stopwatch in the sport session mode
    any idea ?
    would appreciate some tipp
    regards Günter

  5. Hi Stuart,

    Excellent review, mate!

    1. Does this gadget monitor heart rates continuously or does it only take a reading at every pre-configured interval (such as every minute)?

    2. Is there a way to make the watch display the heart rate continuously on the watch?

    3. Does it have alert options for when the heart rate leaves a particular range?

    4. Are there ways to extract the data if one does not have a smart phone?

    5. Does the wrist band fit embarrassingly tiny wrists (12.5 cm/5 inches circumference)?


  6. Thanks for the vid! Just bought one and have a problem: I can't see the Bluetooth icon on the Display and my phone can't find it? Do you have any idea why? Tried everything like restart the pone, and so on. Do I have to turn on bluetooth on the Band first?

  7. I brought the ID107, have to say not impressed with VeryFit or VeryBad as i call it, many spelling mistakes, app loses connection to the watch and will not sync, will not re-bind afterwards (sees the watch but just does not bind), one screen shows km when it should be miles, height setting was off when i was setting up my height. As for the pedometer, yep its miles off shealth on my s5 becasue it adds a lot of arm movements as steps i noticed. As for wrist sense thats tempremental, anti lost just leave it off because its always going off even with the watch next to the phone. And if their is an app update you are going to lose all your data and info. Im interested in the mi band 2 review though if you do it, also check out "Tools & Mi Band" on the play store its £1.69 but adds a few things i believe.

  8. Hello Stuart. I planning to buy this band for my wife and one for me too of course. I have some questions about the product. Is it still working? Can it show the callers id? (name, phone number) What is your opinion of the Veryfit 2.0 app? I read bad things from it, and in the android play store it have only 2.7 ranking. Thanks.

  9. Hai stuart, i review some of new comment on the apps, it seems like the new update cannot sync the data from the watch to your phone and the bluetooth connection is always off, do you having this issue now? it certainly would help as i want to buy this watch. Akmal from Malaysia

  10. Is it right that the pedometer updates in clumps and doesnt change as you step. Mine seems to stay the same as if its not working then when i check 20 minutes later its added the steps. ANy idea if thats right or not. Advise

  11. i manage to buy it one. but i have see another one that more interesting. can anyone compare this I5 plus with ID 107 BT4.0 heart rate monitor?? and how accurate id107 heart rate sensor?

  12. I deleted the veryfit2 app before unbinding and cannot bind it again. Drained the battery in hoping to reset to factory default – unsuccessful.
    Anyone know to reset to factory default or make it bind again. The IOD107 support didn't help – emailed to support page and posted on Facebook.


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