With a lot of people becoming more self conscious as well as concerned about personal fitness, gym memberships, enrollment in yoga classes and subscriptions to dietary plans have skyrocketed during the past few years. All are aimed to help people become more and more fit, healthier and lead happier, more active and healthy lives.

Now there are a lot of different fitness exercises that you can take your pick from. And this article will discuss each training exercises to better give you an idea on what kind of fitness exercise would work best for you:

• Resistance training exercises help a person to toughen up and be able to create for him or herself a lean, taut and overall toned up body. This requires a person to use free weights in training to build up strength and endurance.

• Stretching Exercises help to extend your limbs and as well as your muscles to their maximum possible length. Stretching exercises help to loosen you up and is most preferred as warm up exercises before a work out or gym session.

• Aerobic exercises on the other hand help you to have an elevated heart rate over a sustainable time period. This helps you get an improved cardiovascular system by exercising proper breathing techniques and is more preferred to be done within a group. It promotes muscle toning as well as helping you keep a healthy heart and lungs.

At first, you may feel pain and feel sore all over due to the exertion of your muscles and because your body is rebuilding itself. The next time you go to your gym again, you are going to be better prepared to tackle your hard road towards overall fitness. Regular exercise will produce faster and more positive results so you have to be sure you are going to be disciplined enough to maintain your routine and regimen. Results will come. Consistency and patience as well as hard work will pay off.

Do not over exert yourself however, as this may lead to much bigger problems. If you feel that your muscles are too sore from over training or if a specific routine brings a lot of pain that you can not manage, try switching to a much lighter type of work out and start from there. Otherwise, you may be just doing something wrong. Keep in mind that it is important to loosen up by doing warm up exercises first.


Source by Jeff B. Mckittrick


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