Why is physical fitness so important? Before that question can be answered you may need to know what physical fitness really is. The simplest definition is the aspects of a person’s capacity to complete activities that entail aerobic or cardiovascular, strength, endurance and/or flexibility.

o Aerobic/Cardiovascular – exercise that increases you heart rate and breathing.

o Strength – the amount of force one can exert with muscles.

o Endurance – doing something over a long period of time.

o Flexibility – range of motion of joints and muscles.

So again why is physical fitness so important? Each of the four points above are important for good health, and good health prolongs life and the quality of that life. People need a minimum of one hour a day of physical fitness. It’s not as hard as you think. Your heart and lungs are muscles and are two essential things for your body to function. Aerobic activity works those two, to increase the oxygen intake to your body. We all need oxygen to survive. With that increase it works the heart and lungs strengthening them including your bones.

Strength, why? Muscles are what help us stand up straight, walk around, and simply just move. You don’t have to be a weight lifting champ with strong healthy muscles, but they do need to be worked out everyday or they will begin to deteriorate. Then you will loss strength that will start affecting your body and other aspects of your life and health.

Endurance if affected by a combination of your strength and cardio. The healthier your heart, lungs and muscles are the more endurance you can have. Imagine being outside playing with you kids or pets and after ten minutes you are tired, that’s not fun or walking up a few flights of stairs and having to stop and rest. If you don’t have the lung capacity or the muscles strength you run out of steam during most activities, and the less you with be able to do.

Now flexibility, who cares if your flexible or not? Your body does, the longer and looser your muscles and tendons are the better you can move or perform tasks without stiffness or pain. Exercise that works on lengthening you muscles and tendons helps prevent muscle injuries. Have you ever woken up in the morning and your back is all stiff and you stretch a few times and it feels better. Well, you merely loosened up the muscles that have been inactive or in a bad position through out the night

What is comes down to of why is physical fitness so important, is that you need muscle to be able to move around and do things of some period of time; you need the oxygen and flexibility for the health of those muscles. Of course there are other benefits such as higher metabolism, which helps burn the calories you consume, the less fat that collects in the body. Let’s face it everyone loves to eats. All of this is way physical fitness is so important.


Source by Wendy Pan


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