Learn about the key features of the FitBit Charge 2 and how it compares to FitBit’s other trackers, like the Blaze and the Surge, see me unbox the Charge 2, and I’ll share my first impressions of the device.

Charge 2 Basic Features:
– Steps, calories, & distance
– Floors climbed
– Time / clock
– Sleep tracking and silent alarm

Exercise Features
– Heart rate
– Multi-sport

Smart Features
– Call & text notifications
– Calendar alerts
– Music control

– $130 Black Friday deal for the FitBit Charge 2

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  1. I enjoy mine and find that the watch face does for the most part come on when I want it to. The thing I do find wildly inaccurate though is floors climbed. If I go for even a short walk on a windy day, it'll tell me something ridiculous like 60 odd floors climbed! but then my heart rate and calories burned are just usual. I find this feature so useless that I've now removed it from my stats.

  2. The intermittent display I find to be a huge downside. For one, the wrist flick worked less than half the time; for two, I'm a rower which means I want to be able to see my HR without letting go of the oar/erg handle to flick my wrist or push a button.

    I got a Charge HR a year ago and it was great for the silent alarm but the HR count during intense exercise was clearly not accurate and I found the lack of customizability in the app to be poor. When I forgot to take it off before a 5 second dunk in water it got ruined and I don't think it's worth buying a replacement until they offer something that works better for me.

    Your review was useful for me by showing that the blank screen flaw is still there.


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