Garmin vívosmart HR review. I know what you’re thinking…is this the best fitness tracker or best activity tracker 2017? That is a question I cannot answer right now. For some people, yes it will be the best. Others that will be a no. Here’s the deal with the Garmin vivosmartHR, it’s more than an activity tracker, but it’s not quite perfect just yet.

It tracks your all-day steps, calories burned, distance traveled, intensity minutes, floors climbed, sleep, and heart rate. That part is actually pretty remarkable all of the stuff Garmin has packed into this little fitness device. It also relays your phone notifications, has a find my phone app, and can control music playback and the Garmin VIRB XE.

It works with Garmin Connect, which I’ve done a review of (link below). It uses Bluetooth Smart for that and USB. It has approximately 5 days of battery life and is water rated down to 50 meters. Hope you enjoyed the video!

I will do a Fitbit Charge HR vs. Garmin vivosmart HR sometime here shortly as well as a Polar A360 vs. Garmin vivosmart HR so stay tuned for that.

Garmin Connect mobile app review:

Garmin vivofit 2 review:

Fitbit Charge HR review:

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  1. very thanks for your information but I had a DOUBT that WE SHOULD CARRY OUR MOBILE WHILE RUNNING or not if you don't like to carry our mobile when we running it can sync automatically or not.

  2. riz Im a 12 year old boy and I use the small fitbit charge (not hr) and It fits me good on the smallest setting, will this watch be to big for me. Im really intrested in this becuse im a copmetivie swimmer, I would buy a fitbit, I know there is a fitbit flex 2 but I really want the screen please help me

  3. I watched this review when you first released it and it made my mind up about the Vivosmart! I've been loving the unit up until a month ago. Have you noticed the active/resting calories are way off? I don't think it happening to everyone but there were quite a few posts about it by other users on the Garmin forums. I've emailed them twice about it but never got a response. How is yours running or do you have any insight on it?

  4. Hi Jeff, been watching your reviews for a while now, I bought the Garmin Vivofit 2 about a year ago, I love this thing, but I found it to be way off on the step counting. I know they are not accurate but this overestimates the steps by about 40%. Have you notice this?

  5. Will this connect to my phones gps? Same question for fitbit charge hr. I'm looking for a watch or band band for running and I'm undecided between these two. The only important features for me are heart rate and gps. Would I be better off spending more on FB blaze?

  6. I owned the vivosmart hr… let me tell you it is a good looking device but here's the problem… The vivosmart hr sampling rate is every 10 minutes or whenever the device feels activity (i.e. the sensors are not always on) WHEREAS the charge hr sampling rate is every 5 seconds with a 5 minutes averaging heart rate. This means that the green led lights at the bottom of your charge hr will always be on.. Despite of the "24/7" tracking feature, the charge hr is really close to being a 24/7 tracking device. Statistically speaking the charge HR is far superior than vivosmart hr (because of increased sampling rate). But in terms of durability, nothing can beat the waterproof feature of the vivosmart hr. Just my 2 cents.

  7. Great review! I actually bought the Garmin Vivosmart HR based on your review. The Vivosmart HR is working great for me so far and I have no regrets buying it. However apart from running, I am a little confused as to how you would track the other activities.

    Take swimming for example, before the start of my swim, I selected the activity "other" and while it tracked the amount of time I spent swimming, the heart rate as well as the calories burnt during my swim, it did not pick up the distance swum.

    The 3 activity tracking options offered on the wearable are; "run", "cardio" and "other". I noticed when you select "cardio" and "other", the Vivosmart HR does not pick up the distance. Do you have any advice or solution as to how I could track my swims to include the distance swum?

    I have had the same problem with cycling as well as when I use the elliptical machines.

    Thank you.

  8. i think you should mention that sleep monitoring is not automatic, you have to enter manual, also the steps count is not accuracy, i am really frustrated i get this devise open your review and recommendation as you chose it the No 1 in best fitness tracker, and in-fortunately is not my devise record steep when i am sleeping also when i am not wearing devise, i set up my sleep preferred time and when it rich that time it start to monitor and i was not sleeping, i was in coffee shop, so i will not trust any youtuber from this date, we think you help us to make correct chose, but unfortunately not, i don't know if it is lake of your information or you just sell wrong information for …
    i hope all this problem i face with my devise is manufacturing default, and what you test was correct, but steel for sleeping monitoring you said that it know when you sleep and week up how come, please explain how it is possible……

  9. Hi! Thank you so much for your vivosmart HR review. It's really helpful. Let me start by saying I'm starting to take being healthy and fit seriously at this point of my life and thinking of getting my gear ready (your other vids were helpful as well, thank you!!) Don't laugh but I will ask what is probably the most stupid questions but I don't do well with tech..
    Can I use it without my iPhone? Will it keep working probably without a phone?(to sync later off course!)
    what does GPS add smart bands? as in vivosmart HR+
    Thank you

  10. I feel like this is geared more towards the everyday individual. I feel this way because of the "lazy meter" as well as the fact that it's more geared for cardio than anything else. This wasn't designed for the folks looking to lift weights and build biceps, it's made for dweebs like me that need a reminder that we suck, and we need to suck less.

  11. Could you please say something about this device behaving in the water? I mean – how does the touchscreen behave then, how does the HR-sensor work. Actually there is nothing in the internet about swimming workout with this device. Thank you in advance! Keep up the good job! :)

  12. Thanks for this review Riz, Nice and concise as usual.
    I will buy an activity tracker that can offer some information and replace my watch. I am confused between Fitbit Charge HR and this Garmin Vivosmart HR.

    Did you try both? witch is better?


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