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Fitbit review of the Charge HR’s heart rate monitor during running and cycling. This could be the best fitness tracker 2017 / best activity tracker 2017 / best fitness band 2017 on the market currently. Also, you have to love the heart rate sensor. Not the best heart rate monitor, but definitely pretty awesome.

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  1. will the fitbit tell you how far you've ran on the watch, or do you have to check your results after your run on your phone? i was wondering because during my run i like to track how far ive ran so far and it would be great if i can just look on the watch

  2. I found that the calories burned is not very accurate, it is very low.. with a higher average heart rate it says that I burned 6kcal/minute biking and 9kca/min walking. How can this be possible? I believe I burn more calories if my heart rate is higher.
    Also where do I see the biking history?

  3. okay so i bought a surge today. not really tested it but so far im liking it. however i cant see any gps location when i open my app. was hoping to see a map with the route i have taken, any one help?

  4. +RizKnows Battery life is really important for me. I brought FitBit Charge HR and was expecting at least 5 days for it to last before it runs out of charge but it lasted only for 3 days. Another problem I am facing is that it starts counting the thumps of my motorbike as steps taken and floors climbed. I rode 10 miles wearing this device and that day it recorded 10,000+ steps and 25 floors climbed! I now make sure that whenever I am riding my motorbike, I do not wear it on my wrist.
    I also feel that the distance measured is slightly off. One morning a walked to a certain point for 1.6 miles and the next day I had to walk beyond that specific point for Charge HR to record 1.6 miles. So, its giving me an impression that it cannot record distance accurately.

  5. Hey. Just thought I let you know if you hold the Fitbit charge hr button down for 3 seconds it will track your run with out your phone letting you know how many steps you took, how many miles ran, how many calories burned and also your heart rate only for that run. 

  6. How do you get active minutes? Like when I run, or lift do I have to do or press anything to track that activity? Is that stop watch on my fitbit supposed to track the activity? or thats just a stop watch feature?

  7. I just got this last night. I cant figure out how to integrate it into MyFitnessPal. Do you have a vid on that? I follwed the instructions and CONNECTED but I don't see how to use the integration.

  8. I'm glad I found this video I was wearing my fitbit a little to low for bike riding. It does say in a article I read that fitbit unit will fill in the gaps on cardio graph so it's not spot on but close enough for government work and I am sure they will be upgrading these units more and more what  I would like to see also is fitbit put in an OX meter as well it can be done with an extra LED light set up.

  9. As a user of both the Charge HR and Surge I'm happy with the Heart Rate readings. Fitbit says that they use a camera that monitors the blood density that happens in response to the heart beats, and does so only once a second. This alone tells me that it most likely not be as precise as a chest strap that monitors the same electrical signal that controls the heart. Maybe I'm to much a realist.

  10. You may have gone over this in the video but I didnt catch it. I have been looking everywhere for a fitness tracker that works with WP 8. I know there is the microsoft band but from personal experience it is uncomfortable and has too many bells and whistles for what I need. So it looks like I'm stuck with fitbit products. I am mainly going to be using it for mountain biking. I'm not really concerned about HRMing but its a nice touch. I'm more interested in tracking distance and where I went (I like going off the beaten path). I am always bringing my phone with me for tunes. Do I have to manually track it with my phone or will the Charge HR do it automatically. Will my phone and the band work in tandem with each other. I am not really good about manually inputting data so auto tracking (or as close as possible to it) is a really nice touch.

  11. great video!
    i do some casual running, 3 times per week, 3-4 miles each time. My goal is to loose weight, so the main focus is on the calories and fat burn. Do you think Fitbit Charge Hr is a good choice?

  12. How do u clean the sweat out of all the small cracks and crevices in the back of the charge after a sweaty run? I feel like this will start to stink soon if i dont give it a good clean out but im scared to just rinse it with water since it's not like the flex and waterproof.. any ideas?

  13. I've noticed that when you go into exercise mode straight from the band(hold button) it will show you the distance in real time for that exercise when you scroll to it. Although I can't seem to find the distance later when I finish and sync it to my phone, hopefully they update it to include it. It's been very helpful on hikes when people ask how far we have gone, and it's fairly accurate as well.

  14. I wish I would have watched this video before I purchased the Fitbit Charge HR. I bought it to eliminate wearing me Polar Heart Rate monitor while doing my daily workouts. I am a junkie who like to know the exact count!

  15. I was so close to ordering this online…

    For me the decisive moment was when I realized I will still have to depend on Endomondo app running on my phone to quantify some of the important metrics.

    Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.


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