If you're a new fitness copywriter, you might have a difficult time coming up with new blog post ideas consistently. After all, you can not copy others' work and you have not been writing long enough for a long list of ideas.

Help is here! Below are some general blog post ideas that you can write from. Remember to research and include facts and stats in your blog posts. Weave in your own personality and give good, plain information that adds value. A knowledgeable fitness copywriter stays on top of current trends.

1. The germs in health clubs (what people can do to protect themselves)

2. Fitness equipment (or focus on one particular machine or piece of equipment and list all its benefits)

3. Personal trainers (should not have any problem finding one who wants to talk about their business – eg: biggest challenges they face with clients, their training method, etc.)

4. Nutritional topics (the worst ways to lose weight, what new super foods can you get in a capsule, how to shop for nutritious foods)

5. Body part exercises (focus on chest, abs, arms, or legs)

6. How to shop for a set of weights for your home (what to look for, what to avoid)

7. How to build a home fitness center on $ 100. or less (using resistance bands, jump ropes, hoola hoops, and stability balls)

8. How to work in 30 minutes of cardio during your busy work day. (Break it up into smaller time slots, jumping jacks, etc.)

9. Fitness professional marketing (how to increase client base, how to use social media to connect locally)

10. Sports supplements (10 best lists, ineffective supplements, how to take)

There you have it. These blog post topics are enough to get you started. There are plenty of fitness websites that will give you a chance to be heard … or read that is. The fitness industry is so huge, you will not have a problem coming up with ideas beyond what I've listed here. As a fitness copywriter, you can quickly and easily get established if you're consistent with submitting your blog post articles.


Source by Michelle L Hill


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