Back in 2003 two people who have been in the fitness field for years decided to start a gym where they felt gyms were lacking in some areas. The name of their gym is Fitness 19. Fitness 19 offers gym members some of the highest quality gym equipment there is out there today. Some of the equipment Fitness 19 offers helps enhance the individual's strength training, cardio, and weight development. If you are looking for a Fitness 19 gym near you, all you have to do is simply go to their website and type in your zip code in the small tool bar located at the far left of the page. If that does not work you can go to their website and look at their contact page. On their contact page you will find a phone number to reach a customer representative for the area you are living in. The Fitness 19 hours of working out, are very accommodating. They have a payment plan unlike most gyms many attend. Most gyms require the member to pay a fee upfront for a long term. However, the Fitness 19 hours of working out require you to pay as you go so you are not wasting your money on hours you are not actually working out. Also, the Fitness 19 hours of fun you will be having are not just for you to enjoy a nice work out, but also for your children to be occupied in one of the children's rooms. The children's rooms are very secure and safe, not to mention the children can meet other children to interact with and occupy their time as you are working out and doing something for you.

The gym also offers personal training packages which are ideal for any member whom wishes to join. Everyone has different problem areas, some can not seem to lose their belly bulge, and others can not seem to tone their calf muscles. Everyone has those areas which after a while of working out seems to stay in a rut. However, if you were to get a personal trainer they can help target those problem areas and you will see drastic changes in no time.

Another great feature the gym offers, is the fact that there sales team employees are not paid on a commission based salary. They are paid an hourly wage. I think that is one of the most refreshing features a company can offer, because when people are being paid based on commission they hound you and pressure you into either leaving the facility all together, or purchasing some dumb item that you regret, which later on down the road you will actually more than likely try to avoid all together.

You can definitely tell that the owners of this company did their research and tried to fix the problem areas that many gym members in the past had issues with. They have already stuck around since 2003, when the economy belly flopped, and I'm sure they will stick it out for many more years to come.


Source by Melissa Sampson


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