It's now easier than ever to get gym result without having to join one.

You can do this workout even in an ordinary pair of sneakers.

I started the walk-away plan during the holidays a while back.

After a large dinner with family, for example, after a big Thanksgiving dinner, instead of sitting around the television or table, we'd get outdoors and start walking around the neighborhood while we chat and enjoy each others company.

The walk away movement became a family tradition. Many of my family members started training for their very first marathon the following year.

I personally walk 45 minutes a day, five days a week, to burn more calories.

When I go for more endurance, I go jogging. Now, on most day, I run 45 minutes. It all started however with just plain walking.

For those who want to start a walking plan no matter what time of year, follow this routine.

For the Walk-Away Plan, do this:

For one minute, walk quickly You should be able to speak in short sentences without breathing difficulty. Stop and rest for minute

For two minutes walk briskly Two minutes walk slowly. You should be able to hum a tune.

For three minutes, walk briskly. Three minutes you should walk slowly

For four minutes: Mark walk briskly or four minutes walk slowly

For three minutes walk briskly For three minutes walk slowly

For two minutes walk quickly For two minutes walk slowly

For one minute walk quickly For one minute walk slowly

You can start this program now. Just follow the program above three to four times a week.

Expect blood pumping, body slimming results within the first month.


Source by Adriel Yapana


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