Fitbit Surge:
Cleaning your Fitbit Surge or Charge using Cetaphil and rubbing alcohol, according to the instructions provided in Fitbit’s Product Care section.



  1. I have the fitbit Blaze! I was wondering which product do you use for the cleaning screen and then for soaking, is it completely soaked or do you kinda dry out the cuetip ?! Thanks <3

  2. F**k that I live on the go 2 kids and a job workout every morning most days I beat the gym owner there……my s##t get clean in the shower with me and If it cant wist stand that then Is not for the real world……

  3. Plain water and soap will do. Actually you can shower with it and dried it after the shower with a regular towel.
    The issue that the plastic was affecting the skin is long time resolved. It only affect the skin when you are allergic to plastic.
    The Clock should be able to resist sweat and some water.

  4. Okay I exchanged the bar of soap for a bottle of Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. Now – how do you clean the screen?? – can you use lenses cleaner wipes like Zeiss on the screen ? – and can you use the wipes for a quick clean of the whole tracker or not??

  5. Thanks for this. I have had my Surge for three weeks and, like many, developed a rash. I bought some Cetaphil yesterday, but didn't know about the alcohol or the frequency of cleaning. Thanks again.


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