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  1. Maybe you can get better solution, replace whole band for charge HR and Surge.
    get a new Fitbit Surge replacement band here:
    get a new Fitbit Charge HR replacement band here:
    if need whole sale in Eaby or Amazon, please contact me. thanks

  2. I'm getting 2 of these for My Surge and 2 for My Charge. The designs are so sick and they serve an invaluable purpose, both to preserve, as well as to stylize your trackers. I have another Surge on the way, as Fitbit is replacing My old one for scuffed edges. The sleeves will hide the blemishes of My old one, while preventing them on the new one. I already have stylish decal stickers for them, but the sleeves are far cooler.

    Great video, My fellow Trini Brother. #TNTmassive ✊✊✊

  3. Excelent video!.. I just bought a Fitbit Charge HR 3 week ago. Mine is still in good condition, no bubbles or peeling (yet). You have been using the sleeve for 3 months now. I was wondering how is it going? Do you think the sleeve might prevent the bubbling or peeling issue, before it appears?. Is it posible that the bubbling issue become visible under the sleeve?.. Thank you for your comments!

  4. all shitbit charge hrs bubble like this….. its guaranteed to t=do that on all of them! lol XD and I notice they really need to be sorted as it eventually comes off at both sides to which then the entire strap dismantles and it gets left in pieces

  5. This should be a class action lawsuit. They have known about this issue for years, and do very little about it. When my first one did this within a few months, they completely replaced it as it was under warranty. Now the replacement one is doing the exact same thing, and the best they can do is offer me a 25% discount on a purchase – within the next 30 days!
    The Charge and the Charge HR both do this. I don't think the more expensive ones have this problem since they use a regular watchband style. But I haven't looked into those.


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