Perhaps you’ve heard of this diet, and if you are interested in fast weight loss, then you probably want to try it. You want to lose a quick ten pounds, and this 3-day tuna diet seems like it would do the trick, and quite easily, too. Well, before you jump into this diet, there are a few things that you should know about it.

The first thing that you should know about this diet is that it’s a crash diet. What that means is that you will basically be starving yourself the whole time. Yea…some diet right? Well, that’s essentially how it works. Despite the fact that it’s only a 3 day diet, however, there are other effects than just losing weight.

In terms of health, this is not a good diet for anyone. But, if you must try it out, know that you won’t feel so good while you’re on it. For one, your body won’t be getting nearly as many calories as it needs, and within the first day, your body will switch over into starvation mode. You’ll be really tired, and your body might not be able to properly regulate temperature. And, of course, you’ll be hungry.

Now one of the other common misconceptions that people have about this 3 day diet is that it only lasts for a period of 3 days. It lasts much longer than that, a full month to be exact. You cycle 3 days on the diet, then 4 days off, and although you lose weight rather quickly, it tends to come back.

A lot of people have seen results with this diet, don’t get me wrong. But, what people fail to realize is that it seems to have the opposite effect. You are striving for fast weight loss, and you might end up getting the exact opposite with this 3 day tuna diet.


Source by Joshua Casey


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