Which is better, Fitbit or Apple Watch? A thorough comparison of the differences between the two as fitness trackers.

I really wanted to like the Charge 2, a remake of Fitbit’s most popular wristband.

The Charge 2 looks like a smartwatch, feels like a smartwatch, and even displays text messages like a smartwatch. But it lacks the coolness and convenience of a bona fide smartwatch.

Hence my dilemma when I recently decided to buy a fitness tracker.

When the health and fitness wearables company announced the launch of two new trackers in August, it was clear Fitbit wanted to double down on its play for the smartwatch market.

The company made the Charge 2’s display four times larger, making it easier to read and allowing for more in-depth notifications, like text messages and calendar reminders. Thinner, more stylish bands are now interchangeable, so users can accessorize for work, workouts, and nights out. The device managed this makeover while maintaining a five-day battery life.


  1. Good comparison!

    I personally stick to my Apple watch bcoz of its sync with my iPhone, and I don't need my phone anymore to listen to songs while working out, my watch does the job!

    But the annoying things are the battery life and the slowness in accessing apps. Hope the next version would bring some improvements.

    At the same time, I'm suggesting the charge hr for other frndz who strictly needs a fitness tracker than anything else.


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