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Atlas Wearables Fitness band


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Please… if you’re going to find inspiration, please tweak it enough to make it your own.
But don’t take the style or the artwork and copy it verbatim. If you’re serious about
art and this industry, we’ll more than likely see or hear about each other in the end.
Let’s move up together, not on each other’s backs… (And yes, I do Copyright Strike thieves)
All the best – Jimmy



  1. Jim, great review! I have my usual "people" that I watch and learn from their reviews and I have just added you to my short list. You do talk fast, (reminds me of the flight attendant announcement of them showing us the exits, how to fasten our seatbelt and to "put our mask on before we help others…."

    My point, you are well spoken and organized. I am assuming you are reviewing the first Atlas band and not the Atlas Wristband 2. However, you have covered a lot of info in less than 10 mins.

    Thank you for taking the time to do this.


    P.S. I just ordered one today, 9/9

  2. I was a bodymedia/bodybgg user. They no longer offer it. Is there something that you recommend that is similar? I tried the fitbit but the calorie burn isn't as accurate…often off by 100-500 calories a day.

  3. love the channel. one of the better reviewers I've seen and listened to on youtube. that said, for this atlas tracker….. I think the old pocket notebook and pen in still king in my eyes for weight lifting tracking.

  4. Nice video Jim. I tried an exercise app which got to be too much work entering data. So an automatic tracker like Atlas might be better than paper and pencil, if it has a heart rate monitor.

  5. I have one and found that because of the limited number of exercises I'm actually not using the band anymore. Atlas is saying that they are working on adding custom exercises which would make the atlas great but for now it's not there yet.

  6. Jim I have both the Polar A360 and the Atlas. I like the concept of the Atlas but I prefer the Polar and the way the data is broken down. With the A360 I can just workout, the stoping and adjusting/editing/saving reps and weight for each exercise is a minor annoyance and the inability to track more exercises is kinda disappointing as I'm very active. Not sure the HR is accurate either in comparison to the A360. Atlas has a great idea but my opinion it needs a lot of work to where it can be a essential training tool. Improved battery life would be a great start, autosave would be another, but will have to wait and see what the updates bring.

  7. i originally purchased this device in March 2014 and waited almost 2 years for it when I received it in Dec 2015. I promptly returned it a few weeks later. Besides the horrible battery life, inaccurate exercise identification, freestyle mode only remembering 15 exercises…the deal breaker for me was the fact the exercise weight value would reset after each set. When i was doing a heavy chest day, I would have to hold the "+" all the way to 275 lbs after each set…very annoying!

  8. What a useless device. Gives me a headache just thinking about the work involved syncing and monitoring what is registered. Honestly, taking paper and pen to the gym is quicker and more reliable. DON'T BOTHER!


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