The FitBit Charge HR and the FitBit Surge are both great smart watches that may be a good alternative to the Apple Watch. In this video David will review and also give a full tutorial on how to use both products.

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For those of you who have been subscribers for more than a few months you may remember back to this past holiday season when I would not make a recommendation for a smart watch. The reason for that was because I knew about three products that were in production that got me really excited about them. Two of those three are now available; The FitBit Charge HR, the FitBit Surge, and the Apple watch which as of today is not yet available. Today in this video I’ll give you a review of both of the fitbit products and why you might want to consider them over the Apple Watch as well as give you a tutorial of how to set it up. Thats what you can expect next on PC Classes Online.



  1. The Charge HR isn't considered a smart watch as you can't get even basic notifications on it other than a phone call. Its an activity tracker. It is for all intensive purposes and updated better version of something Polar has done for years with hear rate monitors on watches.

  2. Hello i have afib also and i got the AliveCor it worked ok for a time and now it is junk they sent me a new unit and it is Junk also what to you say i get the Help with this do to my doctors want to see what is going on with my HEART Please get back to me

  3. I've now had 2 surges and have the same problems with both of them. After using them for 3 to 5 months they just stop charging. This second one won't update its software either. Anyone else having these issues?

  4. what i think you should have done is a comparison of their heart rate accuracy with a classic chest strap. You will realize that charge HR is so inaccurate which wouldn't make possible for you to suggest it over the surge. I personally think it should be taken off the market. I have it and i can't return it!

  5. I have the fitbit charge HR , and I use fitbit sync solver to sync it with my iPhone health app and I sync it with myfitnesspal app.

    I preferred the fitbit for its size over the surge, plus the surge is mostly useful for those who are serious about their performance.

  6. While I imagine there could be useful reasons for exporting your heartbeat information, helping cardiologist diagnose your irregular heartbeat is probably not one. They will need to see your ECG (EKG in US) to see exactly what causes your irregular heartbeat. 

  7. Can't wait to see how the Apple iWatch compares. I would think it will seamlessly communicate with all aspects of iOS and even the Health App. Looking forward to your review on that when it is released.


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