How does one define fitness after pregnancy? Is it the slimmer body shape that is more often than not the basis of beauty? Or is it a well-functional and able body that can defy many debilitating illnesses? Or is it both?

I would like to think women are after fitness after pregnancy because of the second one or both and not just the first one alone. Because if you set sights on a healthier body inside and out, you can never go wrong.

Making the Right Food Decisions
If you are given the option of choosing between roasted chicken and T bone steak, which one would you choose? Would you rather choose scrambled egg white for breakfast or a bacon sandwich? Losing weight does not mean sacrificing on the food you are eating before but making better decisions.

You should consider which one is healthier for you and what would give more sustenance to your body. Lean meat and healthy proteins are better in comparison to red meat prepared with a lot of calorie-laden gravy and oil. Start choosing the better alternative. Instead of making mayo-packed ham and cheese sandwich with white bread, go for whole grain bread with chicken or tuna filling instead and choose low-fat dairy products. Start reading the back labels as to what has more saturated fat.

Being More Active
One of the biggest mistakes committed is the lack of physical activity. Dieting alone does not cut it. You should incorporate physical fitness activities as well. The good news is, you don’t have to enrol in a gym. What you can do in your own little way helps you big time.

Walking to the convenience store close to your office or home instead of taking a cab already burns calories. Playing upbeat music as soon as you wake up jumpstarts your energy level. You can groove to its beat while preparing breakfast. You can take the stairs instead of the elevator or the escalator. You can also go for a walk in the park every afternoon. Just allot a minimum of 30 minutes everyday for physical fitness.

Have a positive outlook
You should not concentrate just on looking better. There are also other things that are far more gratifying such as taking care of your baby. Juggle this together with you workout and diet routine and you will feel less of the stress evoked by losing weight.

Fitness after pregnancy involves dedication and a lot of hard work. Give yourself time to see the changes in your body.


Source by Stephanie Holden


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