In this video I show you the basic functions of the new Fitbit Blaze. You can read the full review on my website:



  1. Would be nice to know what calendar will sync with the watch. I think
    this is vaporware. I am also really disappointed that the watch does
    not display the day with the date. My $30 mechanical watch told me what
    day it is. (only important if your retired 🙂 ) The advertising shows a
    clock face that is not available. Why do the programmers max the
    display of the time, seems to be much bigger in the advertising.

  2. Your video was very helpful! I just ordered mine (blue wrsit band) and I am super excited and can't wait to get it. BTW I had seen another video where a reviewer said that you couldn't control the music sound level but now I think he just didn't know how to use it as good as you. Great tutorial!


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