Here is how to setup the Fitbit Alta on the iPhone, Android, Mac or PC. the setup can be done with most computers and smartphones and is very simple.

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  1. Hi Dan-what a helpful video! So I had already set up with my iphone 6s, and then I synced to my new MacBook. Absolutely NO INSTRUCTIONS came with my new Alta, though. What is this "dongle" for anyways? Cannot figure it out
    I'm on my way to South America for a few months and need to figure this out before I leave…HELP!

  2. does the Alta show the steps you walk? I've set up my wife's new fitbit and it doesn't show the steps like the old Charge HR did. If it will show the steps, can you help me find the switch to turn it on? Thanks!

  3. Wow, I am 55 but you seem to be going super fast. Maybe I'm just SLOW. Not working for me at all, taking "20 mins" already to load the app. Ugg, always a problem with tech.


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