Gina trials the Misfit Shine 2 – a fitness tracker and sleep monitor all in one. This tiny, aluminium tracker has been designed for 24 hour, 7 day a week use (it has a replaceable battery which can last up to 6 months) and helps you work towards your daily fitness goals. But how accurate is it really? Can we whole-heartedly recommend the Shine 2? Find out above!



  1. Misfit has to change the strap design for the shine. What a bad design, the strap cannot securely keep the device on the strap. It fell off easily. You will see it hollow on the strap one day.

  2. I don't recommend buying this! I bought mine December 2015. Misfit had to send me new devices twice because they were defective ! The third was dead a little after three months of use, and unfortunately, 13 months after Dec/15, which makes it out of warranty. I'm switching to Fitbit. Misfit never again!

  3. ​Worst fitness tracker ever. It's pretty, but won't stay in the wrist band for longer than 10 minutes. Flies out of the silicone band… Even on the way home from purchasing it, it fell out while I was simply driving. Resorted to putting it in my zipper pocket during my run. I ran 3.52 miles according to "Map My Run", but recorded the distance as 4.7 miles on my Misfit app. It even said I burned over 700 calories, which is wildly inaccurate… Returned immediately. Super disappointed!!

  4. I just got the original Shine due to the lack of colours available for the Shine 2. Hope mine doesn't fall out although I think the strap design is a bit different?

    What I don't understand is why do only the Flash model come in nice colours?!? I wear it as a wrist band rather than a watch replacement so I'd have liked something a bit more funky.


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