Intel-owned Basis has rolled out a firmware update for its Peak fitness tracker through which allows the wearable device to display incoming notifications from an Android or iOS smartphone. The latest firmware, 1.8.15, brings text, calls and other notifications to the Peak, with users alerted to the notification with a vibration.

The fitness tracker will have the notification visible for five minutes before they are dismissed. There’s also the ability to set a Do Not Disturb mode, which mutes all incoming alerts. The notifications are disabled by default, and have to be enabled manually. There’s guides on how to do just that for iOS and Android users.

The updated firmware also gives you the ability to export fitness data, with the ability to download “minute-by-minute sensor data including heart rate, calories burned, steps, perspiration and skin temperature” through the Basis Peak mobile app. You can also customize the data you want to export, and can select between the “last 7 days, 30 days, for the entire time since your last download or since you started an account.”

Source: Basis


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