Over the years, there have been many of the changes that the app has undergone. The new features and interface have been improved in many ways. It’s really evolved over time to be better now on engaging features.

The dashboard provides plenty of at-a-glance information on your day. You can jump into each sub-menu for more details. There are also areas where it’s possible to log your food and water intake; useful if you want to have an overview of everything from activity to nutrition as well.

A recent update is Adventures, which are found under the Challenges menu. These are virtual tours of famous locations, such as Yosemite National Park, Yello Stone Park, etc. It include the facts and photographs of landmarks that you can see using the gyroscope on your phone. It’s a good idea if you don’t want to compete with friends, but rather do something to exceed yourself.

You do get some notifications to tell you how well you are accomplishing towards your goal. You can opt into weekly progress emails as well. You will get a notification email to let you know the Charge 2 is running low on battery.

About one-third of Americans abandon the fitness trackers within the first six months of use. To avoid this, you can setup your Fitbit in a better way and use it to stay focused on your fitness goals.

Your can setup your Fitbit with your android phone or iphone, or you can set it up on your computer by using the USB. Fitbit’s app lets you connect with other Fitbit users through the Friends feature, which has been proved to keep people motivated. You will see where you rank among them in the progress you have made throughout the week. If you competitive, you will be naturally want to see your name on the top of the list.

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