• Design

The Blaze is one of Fitbit’s best designed devices — but up close it’s still not much of a looker. Fitbit’s clearly taking an Apple-like approach to design with the option of more luxurious bands, enabling you to customize for different looks.

  • Activity Tracking

Fitness tracking is unsurprisingly the Blaze’s big play here, and its list of features is a kind of refinement of the company’s products to date. It’ll track steps, sleep, calories, floors climbed and active time, and there’s an optical heart rate sensor to deliver resting HR and active time. You do get sleep tracking though and it’s done automatically using a combination of the accelerometer to detect movement and the heart rate monitor to detect changes in your heart rate.

For the Apple Watch, activity tracking is certainly an area that needed addressing and while there are no revolutionary changes on the Series 2, things have got a little better. Most notable is the ability to share your activity with other Watch owners, for that extra level of competitiveness to put in a few more steps or running miles.

  • Notification

Apple certainly does a better job of this than Fitbit at present. With the Blaze, you’ll be able to do things like reject or accept calls, receive notifications from emails and texts, and control music playback. A recent update to the companion app has brought third-party notification support to the party, so things are improving on this front.

With the Apple Watch, you get all the notifications you could want, including third-party apps, plus you get the bite-sized bits of real time information from your favourite apps – and perhaps even more importantly, you can control which notifications you see.

  • Battery

If you want lots of staying power, there’s only one winner here and that’s the Fitbit Blaze. The Apple Watch Series 2 can now deliver two days, whether you go for the 38mm or the 44mm model. The latter has a bigger battery, but don’t expect to get much more play time than the smaller version. The Blaze promises five days, and that was reflected in our testing, which included a number of workout sessions.

  • Price

The Fitbit Blaze comes in at $199.95.

If you want the Watch Series 2, you’ll need to part with at the very least $369 but that can sky rocket up to anywhere near $1,499 when you start considering the Ceramic or Hermès editions of the Apple smartwatch.

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