Apple’s 2017 Worldwide Developer Conference has seen a flurry of new announcements for watchOS 4. There are brand new watch faces, new fitness features and a whole new way to interact with your favorite gym equipment.

  • New Watch faces

The Apple Watch is getting three new Watch faces and one new complication. The Siri face uses machine learning to tell you the things you need to know.

  • VO2 Max Tracking

VO2 Max measures cardiovascular fitness by observing the maximum of oxygen that you can consume during exercise. It’s a more accurate way of gauging your fitness level. So far only Fitbit, Garmin and Jabra have offered it in their devices.

  • Activity app update

Apple is diving into coaching more by introducing customized monthly challenges to get you pushing yourself.

  • Workout app

The most evident change in the Workout app is the new design. Besides, the swimming workout now has an auto-set mode. Your Watch tells when you get to the end of the pool and call a lap for you. There’s also High Intensity Interval Training support with new motion and heart rate algorithms. You can also link workouts together as if you were training for a triathlon.

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